WLtoys WL-124016 Operation Instruction

1:12 Electric 4WD Climbing Car

Operation Instruction

WL 124016

Reminder from the store:

1. Read the instruction manual before you using it!
2. For products with batteries, please fully charge them when using them for the first time, otherwise it is easy to damage the battery.
3. Adjust the remote control sensitivity knobs “TH-D/R” and “ST-TRIM” to the middle position, then test the RC toy, and then adjust to the position suitable for your use.
4. Please do not test the product on the indoor ground, it is easy to crash. You can test outdoors on a wide surface, or use something to raise the car so that the wheels do not touch the ground.
5. RC toys need maintenance, clean the soil on them frequently, they are easy to jam the transmission components and damage the product; Refill the lubricating oil regularly.

Proportional R/C Using Instruction

1. Turn left the steering wheel, the car will turn left. Turing left angle can be adjusted by the degree of wheel twisting.

2. Turn right the steering wheel, the car will turn right. Turing right angle can be adjusted by the degree of wheel twisting.

3. Pull the throttle trigger backward, the car will forward. Adjusting the angle of throttle trigger can adjust forward speed of the car. During the car forward, quickly push the trigger forward to stop it.

4. Loosen the trigger to make it return the neutral position when brake. Push the throttle trigger forward, the car will backward. Adjusting forward angle of throttle trigger adjust backward speed of the car.

Charge caution


1. Please firstly check and confirm input voltage of the charge is consistent with local voltage, output voltage of the charge is consistent with battery voltage.
2. Battery must be used up before you charge, Charging time is not more than 3 hours.
3. Be careful to make sure there is adult to control when charging.

Tip: The international version will provide a USB charger, Input voltage is 5v, please use the standard USB port for charging.

Practice And Maintenance


1. Turn on the power switch (1) on the remote and make sure the power indicator (2) flashes red, then turn on the model car’s power switch.
2. The model car on the shelf, gently hook remote control on the trigger (3) to observe whether the car can move forward and backward.
3. Turn the remote control steering wheel (4) to the left or right and make sure that the front wheel’s steering follows the command.
4. The model car on the ground,and standing behind the model car, gently hook the remote control throttle trigger(3), if the model car does not go straight, rotate the remote control front wheel trim (5), the model car to the right side, the front wheel Turn the trim to the left, the model car leans to the left,and the front wheel trims to the right to rotate until the model car can go straight.
5. Throttle speed adjustment (6) can adjust the model car speed,rotate to the right,hook the trigger model car speed becomes faster,turn left,hook the trigger model car speed becomes slower.
6. OK, ready to run.

Of course, you can also download the PDF file and view it at any time.

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